Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Indoor tour - Scandalous Guelph April 27, 2024


For those who want to hear the stories but don't want to walk in all types of weather, JayWalking Guelph has the perfect solution...indoor tours!

When discovering the stories for the Scandalous Guelph Tour, I came across pictures of old buildings, tombstones, newspaper headlines, and obscure photographs of people. "One day these will come in handy", I said. At the same time, when reading these true tales I would often hear sounds, howling wind, thunder, a distant train whistle, voices, and music.

Tickets for the indoor Scandalous Guelph Show available HERE 

The outdoor tours are marvelous because we often stand on the very spot where the event took place. I seek out unique locations to visit and we are in nature, surrounded by striking architecture. We feel the wind on our face or the heat of the sun while listening to these fascinating stories.

An indoor tour removes the distractions, the screeching of cars, loud sirens, trucks backing up and airplanes. The pictures transport us to another time.

All three of the walking tours, Gwelf Early Days, The Unfortunate Man and Scandalous Guelph have indoor versions and I am very excited to be bringing Scandalous Guelph to 10C Shared Space on Saturday April 27, 2024