Tuesday, April 25, 2023

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Monday, April 17, 2023

Guelph has the smallest bar AND the smallest theatre company.

JayWalking Guelph is a one-man theatre company featuring stories, recitations, walking tours and small-scale theatre productions. Jay Wilson is the person behind these entertainment projects and he foolishly tries to do everything himself with surprising success. In addition to marketing and administration, Jay builds soundscapes, directs theatre, writes skits, and anything else that the project demands.

Performing at festivals, events, schools, theatres, community centres, retirement homes, parties or simply out on the street, Jay has performed throughout Ontario going on 50 years now!

Jay is a regular feature in his current hometown of Guelph, with his audience being made up of locals, new arrivals, and visitors from as far away as Brazil, Asia, India and the British Isles. Jay prefers performing live and therefore seldom does film work, podcasts, zooms and what have you. For Jay live performances are the most compelling and rewarding; with no two performances alike.

Tales of love, murder, scandal or anything well written is central to Jay's work. For Jay the text is King; as great writing is worth memorizing and reciting.

Book a show, a tour, or custom storytelling event. Everything comes with a full money back guarantee. Experience has proven, if you attend one JayWalking event, you will attend another.

Don't forget. May is Food For Kids Month. Proceeds from tickets will go to Guelph's Food For Kids so book now! Thanks for visiting.