Thursday, February 22, 2024

St. Patrick's Day at the Red Brick Cafe



Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears St.Patrick’s Day 2024

The book had a very limited printing. I doubt you could find a copy of it. The copy I have was sent to me by the author, Charlene Herrold. Charlene was a friend of the family. She worked for (with) my father at J.H. Wilson and Sons Home Furnishings in, what was then, Galt ON.

Both my parents were actively involved in GLT (Galt Little Theatre) and many a late evening was spent in our home as Charlene and Mom discussed skits, which Charlene would compose.

I knew nothing about Charlene’s background. She didn’t talk about herself. She was always more interested in knowing what you were doing. She was a hippy long before there was such a thing, meaning she had a critical mind when it came to politics, religion, beliefs and humanity.

Then suddenly one day about 1998/99 out of nowhere this book, Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears, stories that obviously came from her past, her ‘roots’, arrived at my door.

The tales come from the west coast of Ireland, in and around Clew Bay & Clare Isle, County Mayo, an area known for poverty, famine and Catholicism, oddly ingredients necessary for a deep sense of humour. The book is a collection of what is, to me, a series of monologues with multiple characters, multiple voices and perfect for telling aloud.

Come see some of these Irish tales performed on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 17, 7pm at The Red Brick Cafe. A very Irish way to celebrate this special day. Tickets available at Eventbrite or $25 cash at the door. Seating is limited to 40 so advance purchases are advised. For more information visit

The top of the morning to ya and the cream of the day.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Explore Guelph Pass 2024


Attention conference attendies!

Coming to a conference this year in fabulous Guelph? Make sure you get your hands on the Explore Guelph Pass, compliments of Visit Guelph.

Great savings on food and attractions during your stay here including the JayWalking Guelph tour offer, valid all year long.

Details coming soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Summer season announced

Attention walking tour fans. Tickets are now available for the 2024 season.

New time. Tours will begin at 8pm this year.

Gwelf Early Days - Every Thursday at 8pm

The Unfortunate Man - Every Friday at 8pm

Scandalous Guelph - Every Saturday at 8pm

All summer long

Guelph Fringe Festival 2024

So Guelph's smallest live theatre company won a lottery.
No, not that lottery. And "won" may not be the word.

As you may know, to participate in a Fringe Festival, you submit an entry.

 "You don't even need a show, just enter", they said. So JayWalking Guelph entered.

Now what?! Who knew the entry would be selected? Now I need a show! Yikes! 

So much for enjoying retirement during my golden years.

Come see the result. Guelph Fringe Festival, August 8-11, 2024. Follow HERE