Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears

Great stories well told. 

I believe if you care about the characters, you will become engaged in the story, be it a book, play, movie or storytelling event. My job is to have you care.

Professional actor, Jay Wilson brings stories to life.

Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears is a series of amusing Irish Tales.

To book this show for your social club, library, theatre, community hall...

 E-mail Jay at  

You can also book excerpts from the show. Often I have entertained groups with a story or two from this show, so it you're looking for a 10-15 performance - I can do that!

Make your next get-together exceptionally entertaining.

"...I have to know where I am going to if it is expecting me to get you there that you are."

"Turn around you fractious bastard and head for the sea. We're taking Dev swimming if it kills you."

"Every accent known to man I'd been hearing and all voice owners indicating how willing they were to plant a toe of their boot forent me behind."

"Ah we're old enough Mick and me to know well that it takes no time at all to pass an hour...or a lifetime."