Friday, April 19, 2019

Town of Guelph 1860

Town of Guelph 1860 Census

Photo: Guelph Historical Society
What is interesting to note is our need to count things in 'the new world'. It is this constant counting that eventually leads us to create computers: a way to keep inventory in order to measure 'worth'.

So here is Guelph showing the world its' value.

The census also shows us the bias of the day. Note what's absent and what is included.

Population 5,130.  2547 Male   2583 Female

Horses 384

Cows 559

Sheep 27

Pigs 443

Buildings: Stone 239, Brick 58, Frame 568, Log 69

Boys in school 457. Girls in school 393.

Males who cannot read or write 40.
Females who cannot read or write 39.

Widowers 53, Widows 100, Coloured persons 10, Lunatics 2

Horses who cannot read or write...just kidding:)