Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears - an update

All artists know the feeling. You're working on a project when suddenly everything seems to click, as if a power greater than yourself is guiding the endeavour along.

I've had the idea to turn Charlene Herrold's book into a play for quite some time and for some reason began working on it in earnest over the past couple of months.

After days of going over jigs and reels and other recordings of Irish music, I came across a piece that I knew would be perfect by way of an introduction to "Fiddler O'Flaherty's Troubles"

The story goes something like this. Poor Frances is falling in love with the Widow O'Donnell, his best friend's wife. 

Kevin, the best friend, died three years ago and Frances misses his musical partner who was a fine hand at the tin whistle and the flute. His other pal, who played bones and bodhran is now confined to his bed. All Frances has left is the memory of the good times they had. The Widow O'Donnell has invited Frances to join her for a bite after mass and Frances is beside himself as he finds he has feelings for his best friend's wife and doesn't know what to do.

I was looking for a musical piece to set the mood and suddenly there it was. One problem though, I couldn't just take the music. As a performer myself I know the value of artistic work. 

I made the ask and waited with baited breath as I really wanted this musical piece to set the tone for the story.

Today my wish came true! I received permission to use the selection!

If you visit the pages of these two musicians you will see why I am so excited and honoured to be allowed to include a snippet of their music in the show.

Please take a moment to visit Marissa Waite at and Jenna Reid at Enjoy the music. Take a lesson if you like or buy their offerings and then join me this summer for Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears and hear the outcome of Fiddler O'Flaherty's Troubles.

Of course this is just the beginning. I've lots of surprises in the sound effects department for this show! Including perhaps some music from musicians closer to home. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 27, 2023

JayWalking Guelph on the World Wide Web

Yup, this 19'th century storyteller has finally joined the interweb (as Brent Butt coined it). I've hitched the horse and buggy to the information highway so there's no stopping me now.

Move over, (unless of course you're Jay Walking, then by all means, take your time) Sheesh this is getting confusing. Best to just have a look see and book a performance.

Enter if you dare.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears coming to Collingwood ON

July 2023, this one man show is set to premiere in beautiful Collingwood Ontario. 

It is a bit of a trip down memory lane for this actor as I spent 8 years working for Theatre Collingwood (2000-2008)

In addition to their fabulous main stage series, Theatre Collingwood produces The Porchside Festival. The Porchside Festival is just that - theatre performed on the porches of homes in and around Collingwood while audience members gather on the lawns to enjoy the show.

It is the perfect intimate setting for a delicate, funny, touching play like Lilt of Laughter, Trace of Tears - a collection of wonderful Irish tales filled with delightful characters in outlandish situations. 

Meet Fiddler O'Flaherty, The Widow O'Donnell, The Big and Little Jimmies, The O'Hares, O'Haras, O'Sullivans and even the cat, Francis O'Feline.

"Sure it is well known the whole world would be Irish if it could" -- Francis O'Flaherty.

Details and ticket information coming soon. 3 performances: Friday July 14 at 7pm and Saturday July 15 at 2and 7pm.