Saturday, May 13, 2023

Guelph's Cutest Walking Tour

Tuesdays at 7pm

June 27. July 11,18. Aug 1, 15. Sept 26. Oct 3

Meet at Guelph City Hall. $25 cash, per person.

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Groups of 4 or more people can have a tour any day, any time. Email to book your group 

Scandalous Guelph premiers Sat June 10

Folks really wanted me to make this an outdoor tour, not just an indoor show.

Long time fans rememer Scandals On The Speed River.

Scandalous Guelph is not that.

We will however still walk up and down Royal City Park along the banks of the Speed. There's ice cream nearby

Scandalous Guelph features true tales of some of Guelph's most notorius scandals, bootlegging, famous courtesans, attempted murders, and a couple of amusing scandals too.

While most tales deal with Guelph characters it does spill over into other regions.

As in all JayWalking Tours newspaper accounts recalled exactly as written turn a talk into theatrical presentation. This ain't no ordinary walking tour.

Find out for yourself. Tickets HERE 

or meet me in the Boathouse Tea Room parking lot, 116 Gordon St Guelph, $25 cash in hand.

Saturday June 10, July 29. Aug 5, 19. Sept 2, 30. Oct 7